Porch Party

NNHS PTSO Presents
Northside Dining Porch Party 2021

Saturday, October 16, 2021 7-9pm

Registration is closed! Porch assignments will be coming on Friday!

Porch Party 2021 is a way to meet and greet parents, guardians and PTSO adult members for a welcoming evening of food and cheer.

Come join the fun for Porch Party 2021! Your fellow NNHS parents/guardians are opening their outdoor spaces to have you over!

If you would like to attend Porch Party 2021 but need financial assistance, please contact your student’s guidance counselor.

What is Porch Party 2021?

PP 2021 is a fun, welcoming event for NNHS adults to gather outside in small groups to enjoy light food and drink. We are hoping to have many gatherings of small groups. Please be a part of this exciting evening.

This is a fun opportunity to meet other adults from NNHS while also supporting our school community and its many activities.  

Prior to COVID, Northside Dining was a huge progressive dinner event. Parents hosted appetizers, dinners and desserts to over 200 attendees. This much loved event was a significant annual fundraiser that raised close to $10,000. These funds are used to support the PTSO in its main endeavor which is to serve the over 2,100 students of diverse backgrounds.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the committee members Una Simmons, Kirsten Engel & Linda Swain at northside@northptso.org

Are you unable to attend Porch Party 2021 but would like to make a donation? Click here.