Homework Policy

Updated October 8, 2020:

Over time, teachers will check-in with students about homework, and the NNHS admin team will make any necessary adjustments to this plan.


Each class may assign no more than a total of one hour per week of homework.

Whenever possible, homework should be assigned with as much lead-time as possible so that students can plan their days and weeks. For example, some students have more time to do homework on weekends and others have more time during the week. All students should have the ability to either do their work during the week or on the weekend at their discretion. No student should be required to do homework on the weekend. When homework is assigned with a shorter lead-time, teachers should be flexible about due dates.


For this first phase of the homework plan, homework assignments should fall into one of these categories:

  • Reading
  • Reflection, including revision and resubmitting
  • Target Practice
  • Long-term Projects
  • Preparation for Assessments

When designing homework, staff should also be cognizant of the amount of screen time students are experiencing each day. Where possible, look for off-screen homework opportunities.