PTSO events provide great opportunities to connect with other parents/guardians.

Northside Dining Adventure!

This event is sponsored by the Newton North PTSO to bring our community together for a delightful evening of good food and friendship. In 2021, due to COVID-19 precaution, this became Poarch Party, which was a great socially- distanced success! Contact Kristen Engel, Una Simmons or Linda Swain at if you’d like to help organize our 2022 event.

Multicultural Night

Travel around the globe…in one evening! Students and families are invited to Newton North PTSO’s Multicultural Night to celebrate our school’s diversity through delicious food and heritage displays. This event, which usually takes place in the fall, was postponed until Spring 2022, when we hope we will have until nicer weather to enjoy the event in the tent.

Questions? Need help connecting with other families? Contact Suzanne Buchko and Julie Pinto at

Community Engagement

Contact your Class Liaisons or the Co-Directors of Community Engagement for details on “night out” and other social events. Questions? Contact Alberta Chu and Dima Basha at